notes, models, and ramblings

models and guides

I try to embody kaizen or continual improvements. As I read and observe things, I develop various mental models and guides for different situations: from thinking broadly about how to approach a new problem to how to run a meeting and manage a project.

I keep a running list of models for approaching different situations here and a more tactical list of guides for various situations here.

book notes

I try to read a lot of books. I’ve been trying to get in the habit of taking notes and throwing them on GitHub.

communicating science

Writing papers is tough but it’s the main vehicle for communicating science. Here’s a collection of tips, workflows, and best practices for writing papers.

Giving talks is the other primary way science is communicated—see here for my thoughts on giving engaging, thoughtful talks.


In grad school, I spent a lot of time thinking about color schemes and how best to present data so that information is communicated clearly and efficiently. Here’s a collection of color schemes to think about and here’s the main document I use to document my thinking about graphics (with a focus on using R).


I document some methods for effective teaching here.